Based on over a decade of deep data extraction and domain experience coupled with the latest artificial technology, DRE has created a best-in-class SaaS (Software as a Service) offering in its DOC™ platform, which includes: DOC Label™, DOC Search™, and DOC Analytics™.  DRE’s SaaS platforms and solutions are cloud-based in a web services architecture that empowers data-driven healthcare decisions.

The machine learning architecture of the system dynamically links unstructured medical nomenclature and data through natural language processing to derive insights and generate analyzed results. DRE works with many data sources in the public domain sector, ranging from unstructured (PubMed & full-text articles), to semi-structured (clinical trial registries) and structured data sources (FAERS).

DRE has integrated automated data normalization & unit standardization with integrated analysis (no data parsing/loading) and deep ontology management to automatically detect synonyms, word disambiguation, and automatic trial grouping.

The most recently released DOC Analytics™ is the pinnacle culmination of DRE’s technology with capabilities of advanced automated statistical analysis built-in, including Bayesian Network Meta-Analysis, direct meta, cohort, and R scripting custom analysis.