Training and Support

Doctor Evidence offers unlimited training to our clients.
Our training and support enable you to get the most out of our platforms, no matter your skill level or information needs.

Training Offerings



Onboarding consists of regularly scheduled introductory training, followed by comprehensive User Forums offered for both intermediate and advanced users.



We also offer customized training for specialty groups or departments interested in using our platforms for a specific use case.



Our 15-30 minute 1-on-1 sessions are an ideal way to brush up on a skill, ask a quick navigation question, or receive individualized help with a search.

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Our instructors are experienced methodologists, doctors, and technical professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. They can instruct and assist you in finding the most-up-to-date information for your evidence needs.


Learn to use DOC Label to search and compare across US, EU, UK, and Canadian drug labels. Interact with this user-friendly labeling platform to conduct competitive intelligence and label alignment projects; understand prior precedence; draft differentiated labels; inform drug development; automate surveillance. (60-minute webinar)

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Learn how DOC Search utilizes AI and natural language processing to provide unique insights into the literature and to rapidly identify the most relevant references. Discover how DOC Search can help you perform rapid literature assessments, KOL identification and mapping, automated literature monitoring, and more. (60-minute webinar)


Learn how you can use Doctor Evidence’s powerful Artificial Intelligence technology and advanced medical ontology to rapidly answer complex research questions. Use natural language to conduct a query and receive immediate meta-analysis results based on published literature, including literature from clinical trials and Real- World Evidence. (60-minute webinar)

Live Instructor-Led Webinars