Sending Efficient Responses
with Valuable Evidence


Doctor Evidence’s SERVE (Sending Efficient Responses with Valuable Evidence) enables MSL/MVL teams to immediately address incoming queries with DOC Search, while dynamically maintaining a repository of FAQs, and performing a deeper dive with DOC Library and DOC Data, to deliver robust responses based on the most relevant and valuable studies, treatment comparisons, and analyses.


Current Approach

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Medical Value Liaisons (MVLs) in Medical Information (MedInfo) teams, responding to Healthcare Provider (HCP) or Managed Care inquiries, are under strict time constraints to deliver targeted and valuable responses. Traditional frequently asked question repositories and content management systems lack the flexibility and depth to address the needs of today’s market.

SERVE Approach

MedInfo teams that leverage SERVE will realize faster turnaround times against industry benchmarks, and deliver responses that answer questions with the full context of available evidence. These functional enhancements translate into cost savings per MSL/MVL working hours, and additional customer value, whether addressing HCPs or Managed Care.