DRE provides a uniquely transparent and comprehensive SaaS platform that enables our clients to search, identify and analyze medical date with best-in-class technology.  In 2017, DRE launched its artificial intelligence technology offering in DOC Search™.  The DRE teams have critically appraised millions of articles, extracted over 80-million data points/elements from hundreds of thousands of digital study groups in nearly all the disease states known in healthcare.  This deep sector work has created extensive data training sets that have enabled DRE to properly enter the AI space.

DRE launched DOC Analytics™ which combined with DOC Search™ provides the industry’s first ever machine automated process for the curation of data, exponentially increasing efficiency of analysis and depth of message, while maintaining accuracy.

The powerful DRE “DOC” (Digital Outcome Convergence”) platform supports all of its 3 best-in-class products and enables the company to collaborate with clients for innovation initiatives under an RESTful API infrastructure.