Doctor Evidence Introduces New “Evidence Community” Approach to Therapeutic Area Database Development Inside Medical Manufacturers

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 06, 2013-New model emphasizes collaboration and collective pooling of resources to maximize enterprise-wide efficiency.

Since Doctor Evidence, LLC (DRE) released its Evidence On Demand (EOD) system of indexing, categorizing and requesting of clinical data from published clinical studies, its clients have reaped rewards in the form of greater evidence availability, improved turnaround, and targeted deliverables of client goals. Now, EOD has found an additional application as the lynchpin to DRE’s enterprise-wide client model for the building of an “Evidence Community” (EC). The EC model is based around building a digital clinical database in a company’s main therapeutic area that unifies different users, work groups, departments, and business unit functions by aggregating collaboration for clinical evidence across the enterprise.