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Cost-offset analysis: bimatoprost versus other prostaglandin analogues in open-angle glaucoma.

Sep 11, 2011

AUTHORS: Berenson, K.L., Kymes, S., Hollander, D.A., Fiscella, R., Burk, C. and Patel, V.D. Publication: The American journal of managed care 17.9 (2011): e365-74. YEAR: 2011 Read article

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Demonstration of an Online Tool to Assist Care Formulary Evidence-based Decision-making: Meta-analysis of Topical Prostaglandin Analog Efficacy.

Jul 11, 2011

AUTHORS: Kymes, S.M., Burk, C., Feinman, T., Williams, J.M. and Hollander, D.A. Publication: ITherapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, 2011; 7: 283–290. Published online 2011 July 11. YEAR: 2011 Read article

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