Doctor Evidence (DRE) is a specialty evidence-based medicine (EBM) software platform and services company that provides EBM organizations with the most relevant medical evidence and sophisticated analytics to inform clinical care decisions. An innovator in technological advances to help the healthcare ecosystem find, synthesize and analyze data from public sources into actionable knowledge, the company’s dynamic platforms have been used and cited in peer-reviewed studies, conferences, and posters.

The articles, conference presentations and posters highlight the use of the DRE platforms to:

  • Automatically extract sentences pertaining to PICO elements through machine learning
  •  Use advanced search filters to provide literature surveillance
  •  Conduct transparent meta-analyses to inform treatment decisions
  •  Contribute 2 million data points from peer-reviewed articles, clinical research studies, conference proceedings, epidemiology statistics, and drug label data to IBM Watson
  •  Create and update evidence-based guidelines.

Using the analyses generated by DREs products and services, the DRE team supports high impact publication strategy, development and submission to leading journals and scientific congresses. DRE's software delivers content for industry-leading systematic review and scientific publications, including presentations and posters for EBM conferences.

DRE also partners with an extensive network of EBM, academic, and key opinion leaders and authors, including McMaster University and US Evidence-based Practice Centers (e.g., Brown University, Oregon Health & Science University). Our leading author and publication partners span the globe in all key areas, including diagnostic, treatment, epidemiological, risk factors, humanistic, and economic analysis.