Doctor Evidence (DRE) Training is an integral part of the client relationship. DRE offers its clients comprehensive training on the use of its platforms to ensure that clients can fully leverage the content of their deliverables. By developing a working knowledge of the power of DRE platform capabilities, clients further deepen insights into their research topics.

dre training

Project-Based Custom Trainings

These trainings are conducted upon the delivery of a project and are available as part of the client engagement. Project-based trainings include a review of the project deliverables, including explanation of methods and results, demonstration of the platforms which house the deliverables, training on how to access and navigate library assets, datasets, and saved workflows.

Webinar-Based Training Curriculum

DOC Search: Rapid Assessment

This 60-minute webinar demonstrates the capabilities of DOC Search, DRE’s artificial intelligence literature search tool, to conduct rapid assessment of the evidence landscape for a topic of interest. Participants will learn to Search, monitor, and analyze ~29 million publications (PubMed,, news outlets, and more) in order to synthesize evidence for rapid literature reviews. They will be able quickly generate a comprehensive search strategy, save queries to receive daily literature updates, identify key opinion leaders, and review analytical dashboards to further understand the body of evidence.

DOC Library:

Reviewing Library Packages

This 45-minute webinar training enables participants to independently navigate the DOC Library platform to review a body of evidence. Hands-on activities provide participants with the ability to access, annotate, rate, and share custom library packages in DOC Library.


Reviewing a Body of Evidence

This 90-minute training enables participants to independently navigate the DOC Data platforms to explore a body of evidence. Hands-on activities provide participants with the ability to use visualizations to examine a study set by intervention, study design, and other parameters and to review study summaries and full texts.


Exporting Data for Deliverables

This 90-minute training reviews three tools in DOC Data that can be used to independently create deliverables. Participants learn to filter relevant variables in preparation for analysis, allowing users to create evidence tables and export data for presentations and other uses.

DOC Data:

Conducting Analyses

This 90-minute training provides participants with an overview of the DOC Data analytical capabilities, and the ability to conduct analyses using the DOC Data platform. Participants will learn to identify the DOC Data analytical tools needed to conduct Indirect/Network (Bayesian, Frequentist) analyses, perform sensitivity analyses with additional data, and use visualizations of results to illustrate findings for different audiences and different formats.

Project-Based Custom Trainings

DRE’s training curriculum is also available in modular, self-paced, online courses through its Learning Management system.

Third-Party Customer Collaboration Partners

Any Customer Collaboration Partner conducting projects with DRE clients will receive full training on the DRE Platforms. These trainings will enable partners to proficiently navigate and use the DRE platforms and conduct client projects independently. Depending on the needs of the client or collaborator, these trainings can be self-paced, in webinar format, or onsite.