DRE technology allows client team members the ability to rapidly access, synthesize, and analyze relevant and timely medical knowledge and data. Beyond user-seat access to the powerful advanced analytics in the platform, DRE experts are close at hand to ensure success in answering project specific questions. Wherever in the development, medical functions, launch, or commercial work-streams, the DRE platform and evidence-based medicine methodological services team enables compelling fit-to-purpose full potential payer engagements.

One of the primary driving factors of successful enterprise engagement is the establishment of effective functional area and cross-partner relationships. The formation of working teams at the therapeutic area level and their mutual alignment to the project operating plan and priorities drives optimal success throughout all stages of product life-cycle management from one centralized quality enriched asset base. Doctor Evidence combines proprietary products and services with novel technology to create customized programs based on individual client needs.

The Center of Excellence (COE) program at DRE provides real world evidence to Global Medical Affairs divisions, using evidence-based medicine data and analytics to key therapeutic areas, for use centrally and in their therapeutic area global affiliate organizations.

Guideline & Research Organizations Worldwide for Transparency & Harmonization (GROWTH) empowers healthcare policy and research organizations to synthesize evidence using methodologically rigorous analyses to determine the best value of medical treatment interventions.

DRE offers a range of client training options for the DOC platforms, from webinar-based training to self-paced online training, with varying levels of content depth and breadth depending on the audience and intended use of the platforms.

DRE uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, and machine learning technologies to create compelling solutions.

DRE’s Sending Efficient Responses with Valuable Evidence (SERVE) program is a customized service that utilizes the innovative DRE technology to facilitate the client in creating rapid, targeted responses to health care providers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), internal stakeholders, physicians, policy makers and payers. With DOC SERVE, Medical Information teams can effectively provide these stakeholders with balanced, transparent and highly targeted responses.

Integrated Evidence Management is essential to competitively sustainable clinical development programs.  Evidence management across the entire development and lifecycle management process has become one of the most critical elements in program optimization.