Doctor Evidence combines the power of the software platform powered by DRE AI and its unique products to provide enterprise-wide programs that clients use to supercharge their enterprise-wide initiatives.  While each department or even individual contributor gains knowledge and actionable intel as well as operational efficiencies that increases their contribution to the overall success of the enterprise, DRE’s enterprise engagement creates a partnership that brings unique benefits that results in gains in productivity and speed to market that gives our clients a huge advantage in the market.

Center of Excellence (COE) program ensures that all team members at the enterprise has access to the DRE software platform and DRE works with the client to intelligently install and implement the DRE products for maximum benefit for the enterprise.  DRE provides customized training and support to the enterprise client team members which ensures significant gains in clinical, commercial and financial performance.

DRE offers a range of client training options for the DOC platforms, from webinar-based training to self-paced online training, with varying levels of content depth and breadth depending on the audience and intended use of the platforms.

Over 15 years of experience conducting deep evidence evaluation fit for publication and governmental and payer response is the foundation of DRE AI.  The stringent requirements of such work make DRE AI unmatched in the industry for precision, accuracy, relevancy and comprehensiveness.  And the technology is improving every day as clients use it and generate a feedback and improvement loop that improves upon the already formidable power and precision of DRE AI.

Doctor Evidence can implement targeted, specialized, and custom collaboration solutions for companies to support Digital Innovation and Transformation that leverage DRE’s AI, NLP, that are focused around integrated technologies into [COMPANY]’ RWE data, digital programs, and other innovative business transformation initiatives.

Integrated Evidence Management is essential to competitively sustainable clinical development programs.  Evidence management across the entire development and lifecycle management process has become one of the most critical elements in program optimization.