Global Health

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and Doctor Evidence (DRE) have partnered to combine the power of technology-enabled digital content from peer-reviewed published literature and comprehensive global real world evidence (RWE) sources to assemble a best in class resource for global epidemiology of disease, risk factors, and forecasting. The partnership is the first of its kind and will, for the first time, allow industry to perform custom analytics on the world’s most reliable global epidemiological database. Visualization tools and outputs can be used cross-functionally, including:

  • Medical affairs
  • Clinical development
  • Market access
  • Health Economics & Outcome Research
  • Safety
  • Epidemiology
  • Pharmacovigilance

Single Source of Truth: Obesity

IHME houses the world’s most comprehensive collection of data on the incidence, prevalence, consequences, and risks of obesity. This interactive, web-based platform combines the highly reliable global burden of disease (GBD) data with overlaid published estimates powered by artificial intelligence, providing granular detail of populations, comorbidities, and downstream disease. This standalone visualization tool provides graphical insights on obesity and overweight, including time trends and comorbidities in any country worldwide associated with this rapidly changing therapeutic area.

Microsimulation: The Future of Health

The microsimulation platform can be considered a “simulated patient laboratory,” where various questions and hypotheses can be modeled in a virtual population to assess how changes to the population (e.g., via the introduction of new treatment) can be assessed. Multiple variables can be changed at a time, making for a robust analysis that mirrors what would happen to a real-world population under the same set of circumstances.

The microsimulation can model individual patient experiences based on a specific set of patient-level characteristics, and incorporate various patient-level and aggregate data (even beyond what is contained in the GBD), such as therapeutic efficacy and side effects, utilization rates (age-, sex-, time-specific), risk factor exposures (mean exposure, distribution of BMI levels, etc.), background mortality rates, and population structure.

Platform Products

IHME and DRE can provide country-level visualization to see past and current trends, age and sex distributions, risk factor breakdown, attributable risks, causes of death, and downstream outcomes and related comorbidities and diseases for any therapeutic area or disease of interest. For some countries of interest, sub-national estimates are available, allowing client teams to identify disease hotspots and trends, such as the state or county level in the US, provincial level in China, and the prefecture level in Japan.

Custom Analytics

IHME and DRE work collaboratively with clients to use globally comparative data to understand unmet needs, costs, mortality, and patterns of disease in new ways. Whether informing forecasts, creating analytics to steer payer conversations, or working on epidemiology and health outcome projects to identify research gaps and drive strategic planning, IHME and DRE work with clients to understand how to best use the data and create high value outputs. A recent project included identifying high-risk clusters.

Data Buys

Organizations can add the rich global data of the IHME to their data lakes and access it on an ad-hoc basis with annual or multi-year IHME licensing opportunities. Transfer into any format can be performed in-house at IHME and loaded onto clients’ servers, allowing quick and easy internal access to analytical resources. Training will be made available to client team members to ensure maximization of data utility.

Global Health main features: