DOC TRACK (Trace Relevant Authoritative Competitive Knowledge) is an integrated Doctor Evidence platform available to DOC Label clients. DOC TRACK identifies and connects data found in drug labels, and also generates standard format evidence tables that are based on the US Pharmacy Benefit Manager evaluation format, used frequently by Pharmacy & Therapeutics (P&T) Committees. DOC TRACK was designed to have fingertip ready data that is directly cited in labels to enhance the comprehensive labeling capabilities available to DOC Label clients. This cutting-edge tool provides researchers, product development teams, labeling teams and brand teams with advanced analytics necessary for comprehensive development and monitoring programs.

Users of DOC TRACK can view authoritative sources in DOC Library seamlessly tied to specific label indications, perform advanced analytics, and use standard evidence table templates configured for each indication thread in DOC Data. The integrated platforms provide an end-to-end solution for strategic drug life-cycle planning, label management, and the creation of FDA responses using evidence curated through the most rigorous and up-to-date standards.

  • Rapid Assessment
  • Systematic Literature
  • Competitor Label
  • Focused Literature
  • Payer Dossier

DOC TRACK is exclusively available to existing DOC Label clients.

  • Perform advanced analytics for a product at various phases of development
  • Research market landscape for R&D and to inform clinical trial design
  • Plan for product lifecycle during Phase I and II trials
  • Monitor competitive landscape
  • Create immediate, targeted regulatory responses for label defense matters and safety concerns
  • Interrogate and conduct sensitivity analyses with the underlying studies