DOC Library

DOC Library is a web-based, interactive reference management repository that stores titles, abstracts, and copyright-cleared PDF’s of pertinent full-text articles, organized into comprehensive client-specific library packages for easy access, retrieval, and collaboration. Doctor Evidence trained team conducts a systematic search across medical databases, using both MeSH/Emtree search terms based on the client’s PICOTSS (Population, Intervention, Comparator, Outcome, Timing, Setting, Study Design) framework. DOC Library’s user tools include advanced search functionality, which enables large bodies of literature to be queried dynamically. Articles can be rated for relevance to a certain question or topic, and adjudicated to maintain a curated database of relevant literature; the system also auto-generates a PRISMA diagram based on the flow of literature. Studies can also be shared and annotated among work teams, enabling DOC Library users to create their own knowledge management portals to improve communication within and across departments.

DOC Library is used in these Doctor Evidence services:


  • Rapid Assessment
  • Systematic Literature
  • Competitor Label
  • Focused Literature
  • Payer Dossier

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Network Meta-Analyses
  • Economic Assessment
  • Medical Writing
  • Scientific Publications

DOC Library main features: