DOC Label

DOC Label is a search and insights tool that allows users to directly compare and contrast labeling information across products. The DOC Label solution contains over 100,000 prescription human drug labels, including current and archived US Package Inserts (USPIs) and UK Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPCs). Access to labels includes Medication Guides (US), FDA Documents (e.g., Approval, Supplement, and Labeling Revision Letters), and Patient Information Leaflets (UK).

DOC Label features a unique Medical Concepts Comparator that leverages the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to highlight differences between labels on a conceptual basis. This positions regulatory affairs and labeling individuals to take on a more empowered role when drafting new drug labels, making informed decisions by using already approved labels as prior precedence, and monitoring labels of interest.


  • Rapid Assessment
  • Systematic Literature
  • Competitor Label
  • Focused Literature
  • Payer Dossier

DOC Label provides a user-friendly interface to query and compare labels, and offers users the following key features:

  • Search across DailyMed and MHRA libraries by product, manufacturer, or within label sections using Doctor Evidence’s advanced synonym manager for key words or phrases, including variations on search terms.
  • Follow labels and searches to receive automated updates and comparisons of label versions for competitive intelligence and label review.
  • Create and export comparison tables to multiple formats (Word, Excel or HTML)