Doctor Evidence has collaborated with the American Society of Clinical Oncology* (ASCO) to digitize and host meeting abstracts from all ASCO meetings, including the highly attended annual meeting. ASCO has licensed its abstracts to Doctor Evidence for use in the ASCO DOC Search research analytics database.

ASCO DOC Search is an innovative tool to quickly find and monitor trends in ASCO meeting abstracts, connect abstracts to other articles, and analyze authors. Natural language processing and machine learning provide additional information on study attributes, co-occurrences, geographic spread, and patient characteristics. This subscription content feed to DOC Search includes all ASCO meeting abstracts for the immediate past three years and upcoming 12-month period.

ASCO DOC Search is applicable to a variety of oncology stakeholders:

  • Life Science companies
  • Oncology researchers
  • Academic organizations
  • Healthcare provider systems

  • Rapid Assessment
  • Systematic Literature
  • Competitor Label
  • Focused Literature
  • Payer Dossier

Application of ASCO DOC Search:

  • Instantly retrieve targeted oncology research from ASCO meeting abstracts the day they are released from embargo at the opening of each meeting
  • Ability to quickly conduct competitive intelligence and identify key thought leaders to further support conference planning and strategy
  • Quickly identify and navigate between cross-linked PubMed,, and WHO registries that address the same clinical trial population, and thereby follow cohorts over time, avoid double counting patients and conduct author analyses and networked searches
  • Tagging of all data, terms, and outcomes in each ASCO meeting abstract according to ASCO’s proprietary oncology taxonomy, which is unique to DOC Search

*ASCO® and the American Society of Clinical Oncology® are registered trademarks of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, Inc. ASCO is the world's leading professional organization for physicians and oncology professionals caring for people with cancer.

ASCO DOC Search main features: