Doctor Evidence’s diverse suite of products allows clients to conduct PICO-based searches of published research, access methodically extracted and digitized data, analyze evidence, compare drug labels, and monitor research trends in a seamless end-to-end solution. Doctor Evidence’s systematic and transparent methodology ensures the integrity and reproducibility of analyses with full references, underlying assumptions, and statistical models. These products can be further supplemented with a highly skilled professional consulting staff for medical writing, interpretation, and translational science services (see more on the Services page).  Doctor Evidence’s diverse clients range from professional medical societies building evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to pharmaceutical companies creating epidemiological and economic models.

Doctor Evidence’s Digital Outcome Conversion (DOC) approach to data curation enables index-managed data to be stored and tagged digitally. DRE applies rigorous, quality-driven methodology throughout the data search and configuration process to collect elements ranging from study-level research design information to granular level outcome data. See individual product pages for further information:

A go-to resource from research and development to competitive analysis. Rapidly search over 27.3 million articles and 1.2 million concepts from published sources.

Access curated references through a central online repository shared across users of a department or organization.

Manage and analyze data from clinical studies using a highly structured, enterprise-class data warehouse, including study design fields, author definitions, characteristics, endpoints, statistical data and more.

Quickly search, compare and highlight key words and phrases in FDA and UK labeling for all FDA and MHRA approved products.

IHME and DRE have joined capabilities to combine the power of technology-enabled digital content from peer-reviewed published literature and comprehensive global Real-World Evidence sources.

Enhance DOC Label capabilities by connecting data from published clinical trials and other validated sources to registration and core data from drug indication labels.

This supplementary subscription to DOC Search ensures all new ASCO meeting abstracts are included when reviewing the evidence landscape.

This supplementary subscription to DOC Search ensures all new ASH meeting abstracts are included when reviewing the evidence landscape.