Doctor Evidence (“DRE”) Named Member of The Trinity Challenge

AI-driven healthcare technology leader selected to participate in global initiative to better protect the world against health emergencies

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DRE announced today that it has been selected as a Member of The Trinity Challenge.

The Trinity Challenge was launched in September 2020 by Dame Sally Davies, the Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and former Chief Medical Officer of England, who believes the use of data and analytics in global public health can mitigate risks and response time in the battle against health emergencies such as COVID-19. The Trinity Challenge calls on people from around the world to submit their ideas to safeguard our health and economic systems from the threat of future global health emergencies.

Dame Sally Davies commented, “Data lies at the heart of The Trinity Challenge. As we battle this second wave of the virus, we must leverage insights which make use of data and advanced analytics to find unique solutions that help us better prepare for future health emergencies.

“I am delighted to welcome Doctor Evidence as a Member to The Trinity Challenge and am confident that Challenge teams will benefit significantly from access to their suite of solutions. I invite all researchers and analysts to work with Doctor Evidence to enhance their ideas with unparalleled insights from their analytics and proprietary data platforms.”