Doctor Evidence Partnering with Healthcare Decision-Makers on Hepatitis C Evidence

SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB) JULY 29, 2014- Doctor Evidence, LLC has developed a comprehensive database of clinical evidence in Hepatitis C (HCV) to address the evolving needs of healthcare stakeholders.

Doctor Evidence (“DRE”), the Santa Monica, California-based healthcare information leader has responded to marketplace clamor related to the transformative innovations in Hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatments with a comprehensive comparative effectiveness database that allows healthcare decision-makers to quickly identify and synthesize available evidence in this evolving market. The DRE HCV Data Hub–currently being used by an increasing number of payers, provider groups, guideline developers and manufacturers—provides the body of published evidence around HCV screening, diagnosis and treatment in a universally transparent and accessible software-service model. The initial wave of engagements and questions across these stakeholders is facilitating evidence-based decisions regarding patient subgroup considerations, coverage decisions, treatment comparisons, and to inform evolving research and real-world evidence opportunities.