Doctor Evidence CMO Advocates Evidence-Based Medicine At Concierge Medicine Assembly

SANTA MONICA, CA (PRWEB) Aug 11, 2016--

Doctor Evidence CMO, Todd Feinman, will participate in two panels on the role of technology in bringing Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) to improve physician efficiency and patient outcomes at the Concierge Medicine Assembly in Atlanta, Georgia, on August 12th and 13th, 2016.

Doctor Evidence (DRE) has more than a decade of experience in rigorous evidence-based medical methodologies and technologies which search, find and catalogue relevant data from peer-reviewed content, including clinical papers, conference proceedings, abstracts, and drug label data from the U.S. and Europe into user-friendly, relational databases. Dr. Feinman, who co-founded Doctor Evidence in 2004, helped develop one of the first Hospitalist programs in Southern California. As a Hospitalist and Medical Director for a large, independent physician association, Feinman realized that there were no accurate and user-friendly technologies that would enable him, or others, to use the data found in clinical studies to determine the most effective test or treatment for specific patient populations.