ASH DOC Search

Doctor Evidence has collaborated with the American Society of Hematology (ASH) to digitize and host congress abstracts from all annual meetings since 2016. These meeting abstracts are integrated into the ASH DOC Search AI analytics platform, adding to a research database of over 30 million items. This subscription feed* is add-on content to the base DOC Search tool, allowing users to search across ASH content to compare and analyze methods, results, and trends.

Prepare for meeting attendance with immediate dissemination of relevant abstracts on the embargo release date. Monitor long-term trends across ASH meeting abstracts; then follow the lineage of a study, with cross-linkage of associated trial registries, manuscripts, congress abstracts, drug labels, news articles, and more. Natural language processing and machine learning provide additional analysis of study attributes, patient characteristics, interventions, outcome measures, key opinion leaders, and more.

ASH DOC Search is applicable to a variety of hematology stakeholders:

  • Life Science companies
  • Hematology researchers
  • Academic organizations
  • Healthcare providers

  • Rapid Assessment
  • Systematic Literature
  • Competitor Label
  • Focused Literature
  • Payer Dossier

Main features of ASH DOC Search:

  • Instantly retrieve targeted hematology research to be presented at upcoming ASH annual meetings
  • Leverage AI analytics and automated term indexing to quickly review an evidence base at large, then drill down on a more relevant subset of literature using interactive dashboards
  • Identify key opinion leaders, along with their affiliations, related scientific networks, and associated publications
  • Conduct competitive intelligence to further support conference planning and strategy
  • Follow cohorts over time by navigating between cross-linked references from PubMed,, and the WHO trial registry (add ASCO meeting abstracts with an additional subscription)

DOC Search main features: