Edan wrote his first program in 1979 and has been passionate about software and technology ever since.  He has worked for a variety of corporations and his work has ranged from developing CAD/CAM software to creating web portals for tier one pharmaceutical companies. This included e-commerce systems for physicians, pharmaceutical and biotech manufactures and patient communities. In addition, Edan has personally developed dozens of highly successful mobile applications on multiple platforms.

Edan joined Doctor Evidence at the founding of the company in 2004 and has a decade of experience in evidence based medicine and health information technology. He has a deep knowledge of clinical trials, meta-analysis and systematic reviews across many therapies and disease states. Edan’s deep understanding of both clinical information and technology has enabled him to architect the highly specialized Doctor Evidence suite of products including both the client facing statistical analytic software and internal facing quality controlled data extraction systems.  Edan’s management skills have been complemented by his Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Development from California State University, Northridge.