DOC™ Nhanes

DOC NHANES offers online, user-friendly access to the rich content of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Epidemiologists across organizations can avoid the painstaking task of mining survey data by using DOC NHANES in place of complicated statistical programs.

Some of the core features include the following:

  • Conforms to NHANES Analytic Guidelines by selecting the appropriate weight variables and appending (combining multiple survey cycles) as well as merging (combining multiple datasets) automatically
  • Provides break-down analysis by categories like demography, treatment or time period
  • Calculates and plots prevalence, distribution, or continuous data (e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol level). Population estimates are also included in the form of “statements”
  • Forecasts using linear or other regression models
  • Outputs data in graphical and tabular format
  • Exports raw data from graphical and tabular reports for additional operations elsewhere
  • Retrieves variables quickly using its auto-complete search functionality

This example shows diagnosed diabetes with multiple breakdowns ) age, gender and race)


This example shows diabetes prevalence trend with a 1 year forecast.


This example shows diabetic treatment use distribution.


This example shows confidence intervals.



NHANES Variable Browser

While DOC™ NHANES requires a paid subscription, we are now offering free access to the NHANES Variable Browser. NHANES is a complex survey and it can be challenging to determine if it contains the data of interest given that the information resides in multiple html and pdf files on the CDC website. Doctor Evidence has indexed every variable in the NHANES continuous survey into a structured format to allow users interested in NHANES data to easily find topics by browsing or performing keyword searches.