DOC™ Library

The challenges associated with managing medical literature often result in lost or incomplete knowledge and misspent resources. Doctor Evidence has developed a library management system called DOC Library that addresses these challenges and delivers clinical knowledge in a fraction of the time with increased accuracy.

DOC Library is a cloud-based literature portal that stores abstracts and full-text articles in a collaborative environment that users access to review literature search results and perform other research-driven tasks. DOC Library’s tools include advanced search functionality, which enables large bodies of literature to be queried dynamically. Articles can also be commented upon and shared among work teams. By saving and organizing results from individual search questions, users can create their own knowledge management portals to improve communication within and across departments of their organization.

Features of DOC Library include the following:
  • Sophisticated global search of titles, abstracts and full-text documents
  • Organization of publications under client-developed categories
  • Communication across different people, groups and departments via notes- and ratings-sharing

Additional professional services provided by our library team include:

  • Clinical search strategy development
  • Literature import and centralization
  • Full text retrieval
  • Flexible periodic maintenance to keep the resource current