DOC™ Create

“Doctor Evidence provides a platform that enhances the rigor and transparency of our evidence-based processes and care management guideline creation. DOC Create allows us to enhance our efficiency by encompassing all the steps in our processes in a unified workspace that supports direct export of our documents to our Clinical Library, and direct export of our guidance into our Electronic Health Record.”

Director of Guidelines and Evidence-Based Medicine, Leading ACO Organization

DOC Create is a cloud-based document-authoring and management tool that integrates with other DOC solutions to facilitate the use of clinical data in the generation of evidence documents. 

Features of DOC Create include the following:

  •  Full word-processing functionality with edits track-able to the individual user who made them
  • Extensive document tools with meta-tag capabilities and custom configurations
  • Seamless import of outputs from meta-analysis, evidence tables and other reports from the DOC Data and DOC Library directly into the document
  • Exportability of developed documents
  • The functionality of DOC Create can be applied to a variety of uses across all branches of your organization. Examples of usages include but are not limited to the following:
  • Develop clinical evaluation reports with lists of relevant literature imported directly from client’s personal reference library
  • Collaborate on the creation and upkeep of master data files
  • Track changes made to master files

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