DOC™ Label

The DOC™ Label solution enables users to retrieve and compare results from a database of thousands of FDA drug labels.

    • Conduct simple or complex searches of the labels database; view search results using an easy-to-understand display; save results for later use
    • Search within retrieved results to find and compare current, past, or otherwise differing label versions for the same drug
    • Easily identify search terms as they appear in the original text
    • Visually compare multiple labels across desired sections, with differences between sections highlighted automatically

The recently updated DOC™ Label 2.0 version expands upon the existing DOC™ Label platform with the addition of over 5,600 drug labels from the United Kingdom (UK) and European Union (EU). Upgrades have added the following features to the system:

    • Search and compare US and UK labels side by side
    • Query using multiple Boolean advanced searches
    • Fully map and compare core data sheets (CDS’s) to labels
    • Export comparisons with search results to Microsoft Word
    • Add custom label section mapping (regional, PLR, SPC, etc.)
    • Search Matrix Report (provides “Table of Contents” for search results)
    • Compare label versions with “track changes”feature
    • Automatic email notification when tracked label is updated.

Below are some screenshots for DOC™ Label. Click each image for a larger view.

The Label Search Box features dropdown search menus and color-coding options. Searches include results from both US and UK labels when available.

Results of a query can be modified with the picker to the left.

Users can search and compare labels and export results to Word or Excel.

Core data sheets may also be searched and compared within the tool.