Digital Health

DRE uses its powerful platform to create extensive, individual patient targeted evidence for connected care health applications.  Our digital health applications are focused on providing the most comprehensive data delivered from peer-reviewed clinical trials, observational studies and full-text articles of published medical evidence from peer-reviewed datasets. This patient profile guided content is delivered in an anytime, anywhere and any medical literacy level fashion for a best-in-class precision medicine source of truth in the hands of each patient.

Better patient engagement and shared decision-making through targeted supporting evidence evaluation of the relative efficacy and safety of relevant interventions in consideration of patient profile and preferences. Patients should have a full consideration of treatment options and evaluation of the benefits and harms with an application of their patient preferences for identification of their care pathways for shared decision-making.

DRE has a unique and deep partnership with University of Southern California’s Center for Whole Body Computing to bring a world-class innovation research center and esteemed academic health facility to our digital health solutions.

“University-based medical centers like ours are natural sources of health care innovation given the focus on basic science, clinical and translational research,” said Tom Jackiewicz, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Keck Medicine of USC. “But to achieve truly transformational medicine, we have to collaborate with the private sector, particularly the digital health and technology companies like our VCC partners Doctor Evidence. Innovative patient care models such as our VCC will create operational efficiencies and cost-savings allowing us to refocus resources back into more innovation and constantly improve the patient experience. This is redefining medical care.”

DRE also uses some of its premier digital partnerships to facilitate:

  • Digital Health Innovation Sprints
  • Digital Health Incubators